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Origin:The Universe and Mother Earth


Genres: Rock, Metal




In a Nutshell


Natalie Chandra was born in Thailand and fortunately adopted there from an orphanage at the tender age of four months by her lovely Swiss parents.


She grew up in various countries: France, the United Kingdom, Ex Yugoslavia, Egypt and Singapore and speaks English, German,Swiss German, Italian and some French.


She first showed interest in singing at the age of 13 after watching a musical performance at her junior high school. Soon after, singing became an integral part of her life.


At the age of 17 she enrolled in the La Salle-SIA College of Performing Arts in Singapore, where she was given the opportunity to spend four years fine-tuning her skills as an artist whilst singing professionally in clubs, hotels and at important events. She started writing her own songs during her last year at the Performing Arts College and ardently continued this throughout the next several years, still singing cover songs with different bands and musicians at night and earning a living as an English teacher by day.


She decided to record a demo of three original songs shortly before returning "home" to Switzerland in 2001, in the hope that they would eventually be heard by a few interested ears in the country. One and a half years later, synchronicity introduced her to her  production team with whom she could release her first album, SinEater.


As life progressed she joined and worked with various other bands, releasing another album, Angelface (with the band Chapter II feat. Natalie Chandra), and later went on to join forces with a few other local bands .


Her music video and single Downing the Pain was produced by none other than well known producer and songwriter Sergio Fertitta !


Her rather unique attitude towards life is strongly displayed in each of her songs, covering subjects ranging from her fellow human beings' arrogance and disrespect towards the environment and animals, to the inner-struggles of the human heart and fierce emotions.


On what has most inspired her life and music, she believes:

"... the opportunity to grow up in many different countries has allowed me to become 
more aware of my responsibility towards our world. Thus, the ability to feel empathy 
for what is not mine has so far been my greatest inspiration".
...and now the journey continues into unknown territory ;)


She is the vocalist for the band Trialoff and working on a new solo music project/album as well as currently in the process of opening a vegetarian and vegan  restaurant (as she herself as been living this way for over 22 years), which is scheduled to open some time in 2017.


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