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March 17, 2016


After having taken some time off to ponder about life ;) I am back (!!!) with a pocketful of new songs, ideas, and experiences. 


First off, I have recently  decided to join forces with TRIALOFF- a fantastic, innovative rock band and have also been focusing on starting a brand new  Natalie Chandra music project in the months to come!...and yes, there is this vegetarian restaurant that I am busy creating a birthplan for.....!


Therefore, I will soon  be back on stage, rockin' the hell outta life!!!

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Here is some background info on Trialoff  (from our latest newsletter):


"It’s been quite a while since the last newsletter, and those of you who have been following us on social media, have probably heard the rumours: the November gig at Downi Worblaufen was Miki’s farewell concert! Musical and artistic differences had made it difficult to cooperate and urged us all to go our separate ways after having carefully considered this idea for two months. Nevertheless, this caught us relatively unprepared, as it also meant, that all the great pics we had made, and the videos which were just about to be completed, would not be of any more value to us, and would not even be released.

But fortunately for us, our troubles did not last for too long! Trial Off, a band who is always looking forward into the future, immediately took action. We reached out into the unknown, musical abyss of the internet, in order to bring our vessel back on course, to find a new face and a new voice. And behold, the muse of rock was gracious and bestowed upon us a power-woman, with a voice that blew us away, and with whom we have already been rehearsing since December.

Let us present to you: Natalie Chandra, global citizen from Zurich.

One thing is clear though: Trial Off will sound heavier and pithier with Natalie. She will grab you in a headlock and you will like it and ask for more! Moreover, she is packaged with quite some musical experience, which gives us a lot and, at the same time, demands a lot from us. However, what we all know to be true, is that we are most definitely not willing to go into musical retirement from rock! Therefore: welcome to Trial Off, Natalie, let’s dive into this new adventure with you and force people to gasp for air!

Ready for the next round?"

Trial Off





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